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What is Authenticity is Contagious?

Authentic Leadership Coach, Kathleen O’Grady, talks about choosing your authentic self to live a calmer life, by becoming a more heart-centered person, leader, partner, and friend.

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“You’re not alone because there’s somebody else out there that was abused as a child. There was somebody else out there that was raped. There was somebody else out there that was kidnapped. All of our situations are similar but what I mean when I say you’re not alone is you really do have yourself. They can only take from you what you choose to give them and while it’s great to have friends and family and loved ones to lean on and to depend on. The most important person to be able to lean on and depend on and to love on is yourself.” – Lorraine Barnes, on episode 10 of the Authenticity is Contagious Podcast.

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