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improve plant operations

Global Manufacturing

Improve Plant Operations

Challenge: New Plant Manager joins company on the heels of two previous bad hires, just as market production demand quadruples, causing chaos.

Result: Established swiftly scalable process improvements and leadership effectivenes. Within two years, Manager was offered promotion to VP.

Organizational Leadership

International Law

Organizational Development

Challenge: Firm Administrator was ineffective and on the verge of retirment but reluctant to relinquish responsibilites to successor, resulting in confusion and chaos.

Result: Steady and sustainable leadership transition allowing for improved processes and proceedures. New leadership shifted firm culture from franetic to functional.

Succession Planning

Multinational Software

Succession Planning

Challenge: Purly results oriented leader hits his numbers, but leaves creative ideas and the comfort of others to participate in his wake. His way or the highway instead of collaboration.

Result: Development of authentic leadership awareness and curiosity, leading to oppennes and connection with colleagues and stakeholders. Promoted to SVP as a result.

Rapid Expansion Culture

Video Game Industry

Rapid Expansion Culture

Challenge: Radid and endless growth resulting in confusion, chaos, and lack of effective communication and collaboration. Quanitiy replaces quality and culture suffers.

Result: Establishement of authentic leadership appraoch to culture and growth, leading to more allignment, agile workflow, and improved policies and proceedures.


Merger and Acquisition

Global Technology

Merger and Acquisition

Challenge: Denial that origional brand and culture would be maintained. Resistance to change. Overall confusion and self-protective leadership to maintain status-quo.

Result: Mindful and accepting awareness to inevitible changes in culture and policies. Shift from 'us versus them' attitude to 'we are all one' mentality, creating cohession.


Mentorship Programs

Multiple Industries

Mentorship Programs

Challenge: A lack of structure and strategy for maintaining and disseminating organizational and industry knowledge/wisdom to the next generation of leadership.

Result: Establishment of internal mentorship programs across depeartments. Increased employeee engagement, career development, and top talent retention.

Portfolio Expansion

Franchise Fast Food

Portfolio Expansion

Challenge: Silowed regional leadership doing things 'their way' at the expence of consistency and collaboration. Lack of structure, stability and sustainability of process.

Result: Emotionally and consciously alligned leadership culture with an emphasis on cross functional communication and development. Profits increased significantly.

Internal Coaching

Multiple Industries

Internal Coaching

Challenge: Ineffective and inconsistent corporate culture, leading to toxic drama and poor talent aquisition and retention. Brand identity suffering from 'bad press'.

Result: Creation and implementation of internal and extenral coaching infrastructure, emphasising growth and development as imperitive to the company culure.



Expertise comes as result of a relentless pursuit of curiouslity, growth, and knowledge in a chosen field of practice.

Consulting is mission-critical for leaders and organizations to gain a necessary external perspective in order to grow.



Genius exists in all of us. Let us facilitate bringing yours to the surface to create growth, success, and fulfilment.

Coaching helps extract your inner genius and design ways to make a unique and authentic difference in the world.



Wisdom is meant to be shared. Let us save you the trouble of making some inevitable and time consuming mistakes.

Mentoring rapidly facilitates the growth and solidification of an individual’s personal and professional leadership.



Skill requires knowledge and practice. Let us teach you how to master leadership and coaching core competencies.

Training provides leaders with the tools, confidence, and committment to anticipate and face change head-on.

Authenticity is Contagious

Raleigh Coaching is a HEART-centered, SOUL-focused, and FREEDOM-giving organization dedicated to providing life-altering experiences that create more courageous authentic leaders to transform the world.

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