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Raleigh Coaching Academy has blazed the trail of heart-centered and soul-focused coaching since 2013. The research concepts called upon in this unique program are the sciences of energy, mindfulness, consciousness, neurogenesis, positive psychology, and quantum physics–combined with the art of being human. We don’t simply train you, we transform you.

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What is Professional Coaching?

In simple terms, coaching is the process of facilitating increased self-awareness for individuals interested in achieving personal growth, and yet it is so much more than that. Primarily, coaches partner with their clients to help them develop more self-esteem and confidence in order to make desired changes in their life.

How does Professional Coaching work?

Coaches work with their clients to identify intentions for the future, gain a better understanding of who they are and wish to become, reach clarity of vision, and take bold action steps towards achieving their authentic potential.

How do I know if I’d make a good Professional Coach?

People who are destined to be coaches are those who thrive on listening to and supporting others in overcoming their fears. If you are the friend, family member, or colleague that tends to be the ‘go-to-person’ for encouragement and inspiration, chances are you would make a fine coach.

What is a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC)?

Rather than coaching to the goal or desired outcome, authentic leadership coaches are highly trained to laser in on the internal identity (the story the client believes about who they are) in order to uncover the core intention beneath the goal. Clients may set goals for themselves that are externally driven, and therefore lead them further into an inauthentic life. RCA trains and fosters Certified Authentic Leadership Coaches (CALCs) to uncover the true identity desire that is hidden within the goal, in order to help clients make conscious decisions from the inside out.


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