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A positively disruptive organization that delivers coaching, mentoring, and consulting to individuals and businesses who desire more creativity and innovation.



A boutique training academy that offers the first and only globally recognized professional coach training certification specifically designed to foster authentic leadership.



Authentic Leadership Coach, Kathleen O’Grady, talks about choosing your authentic self to live a calmer life, by becoming a more heart-centered person, leader, partner, and friend.

Authenticity is Contagious

Raleigh Coaching is an authentic leadership development company that delivers coaching, training, mentoring, and consulting to cutting-edge individuals and organizations who are seeking to create a more meaningful version of success. We have the charm of a community based business, with a global reach. We develop leaders and cultures that honor individual creativity and innovation.

Companies We’ve Served

I consider Kathleen O’Grady to be an expert in Authentic Leadership and Coaching. We have worked together to provide leaders at my company with information and tools to enhance their leadership skills. Kathleen is a personable, innovative and highly professional consultant that provides high quality work. I highly recommend her for training and coaching needs in the leadership field.


AVP of Human Resources, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Kathleen’s motto is “Authenticity is Contagious” – but when you meet her, you’ll be quick to learn it’s her passion and excitement that will infect you first. If anyone was born to be in a profession, it’s Kathleen as a coach. She is genuinely driven by helping others succeed in life. The legacy of her clients and alumni already are proof of her gift. She’s not afraid to push you, but she does it with love. If you need a coach, or want to be one, Kathleen is the first (and perhaps only!) call you should make.


Head of Mission Critical Solutions, Airtight Facilitech

Kathleen is a sharp, intuitive, results-focused professional coach who teaches an insightful, novel coaching model that can add new dimensions to one’s coach approach regardless of previous training or experience level. She’s a true innovator and excellent thought partner.


Founder, Plotline Leadership

I’ve had the great pleasure to engage Kathleen as my executive coach. Her authenticity and genuine desire to help her clients reach their goals, are both amazing assets she brings to the table. I would highly recommend Kathleen to anyone!


Director of MBLE Program, Ohio State University

I have had the pleasure of having Kathleen as my coach for almost a year as part of the ICF Leadership Coaching Program. Kathleen is an excellent coach with masterful coaching skills. She transform her authenticity and in-depth expertise and passion into great coaching. Thank you Kathleen for helping me in my new role as President for ICF in Denmark. I love your to-the-point-attitude and great sense of humor. You “live coaching” and are an outstanding example of professional coaching and leadership in ICF. I highly recommend Kathleen as a professional coach and leader.


Founder, Skjoet Consulting & Executive Coaching

Kathleen is a game-changer for women coupled with a larger than life personality and I am absolutely honored to know and collaborate with her. Not only is Kathleen a stellar business woman, she offers and shares her knowledge abundantly with her network, proving that her heart and intentions are always in the right place. I happily and wholeheartedly endorse Kathleen, as a mentor, a coach, and a friend.


Co-Owner, Networking Women of the Triangle

Kathleen O’Grady provided excellent insights on advancing my skills as a manager. She provides a no-nonsense approach and its a breath of fresh air, she combines good humor with keen and precise questioning, keeping the meetings super helpful and honest. I’d recommend Kathleen to anyone who really is looking to launch their life/career.


Art Director, Foundry 42

Kathleen is the coach whisperer. Kathleen encourages her students to open their eyes, expand their horizons and unleash their inner coach. I attended a class that included a judge, OBGYN, a Duke Professor, a high tech change leader, an entrepreneur and a CIO…quite a diverse and intellectual group. Kathleen created the space that allowed us to grow as coaches and human beings. I am a better leader, husband and friend because of what I learned and experienced at RCA. I look forward to coaching others and if I can provide even a bit of the inspiration that Kathleen has provided me, I will be more than happy.


Chief Information Officer, Genworth Financial

Kathleen is an amazing facilitator and she’s created a curriculum at Raleigh Coaching Academy that is top notch! She has the ability to create a space that allows for transformation and that is no easy task, specifically when dealing with the dynamics of a small group. If you are interested in becoming a coach, or are in need of coaching, Kathleen should be on the short list of people to consider working with!


Director of HR & Recruiting, Epic Games

There are few people in this world who are able to create an environment that brings about such a tremendous personal transformation not only in me, but for my cohort as a whole. Kathleen’s presence and passion for bringing out the best in humanity is obvious in all that she does and says. I treasure the experience I had in the RCA Dawson Cohort, because it was absolutely life changing. She has inspired me to inspire others!


Program Director, Institute for Defense and Business

The RCA experience has transformed me from the inside out and completely changed how I see myself and interact with the world. Kathleen has created a coach training program that is truly ground-breaking, and she and the RCA faculty lovingly encourage participants to face the internal voices that hold us back from reaching our full potential – and act as our biggest cheerleaders when we come back stronger on the other side. Kathleen, thank you for loving people for a living. The work you’re doing is game changing. Please don’t ever stop! I hope that everyone gets the chance to experience your miracles.


Lead Manager of Academic Development, AICPA

RCA was life-changing for me. Kathleen has a very unique and special gift for identifying talent in others and bringing those talents to the surface even if we are kicking and screaming the entire way ? No doubt I was a stubborn student but she still got me where I needed to be and frankly, I probably still haven’t realized how much I’ve grown personally and professionally from this experience. I’m honored to be an alumni of RCA and even more privileged to call Kathleen a friend and colleague. To say she’s amazing is an understatement. I highly recommend anyone who is contemplating life coaching as a career to contact RCA.


Director of Global University Programs, Teradata

Kathleen is a game-changing coach. Our work shifted me from a 20-something designer-founder with a bad case of impostor syndrome to a badass female design industry leader with major vision and the confidence to now be working on my first venture-backed startup (clients post-Kathleen have included multiple Fortune 500s and a Top 5 global university, in case you were still wondering about the impostor syndrome). Her gift is helping her clients tap into their own creative, intuitive power. If you want to live your best and fullest life now, work with Kathleen! She is worth every penny and then some!!


CEO, Trestles