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Become a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC)

As of 2021, Raleigh Coaching Academy merged with our sister brand Authentic Leadership Advisors in order to exapnd our reach to both individuals and organizations seeking coach training certification oppertunitites. Our highly specialized Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC) curriculum has stayed the same aside from minor adjustments to keep up with current trends and advances in the coaching field of practice. Our signature Authentic Intelligence Coaching Model™ is universally applicable to the vast majority of coaching niches because it’s designed to focus on the identity of each individual or group. This is not just another training; it’s an investment into the deep-rooted growth and development of yourself and/or your organization’s leadership culture. 

  • Our Authentic Intelligence Coaching Model™ bypasses superficial goal-setting, focusing on genuine aspirations often undervalued in the corporate setting. The depth we offer will enable your leaders to drive strategic visions with the tools to lead with clarity, conviction, and authenticity. See more information here.
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accrediation: our course, offering up to 125 training hours, positions your leaders for Associate Certified Coach (ACC) (Level 1) or Professional Certified Coach (PCC) (Level 2) credentials, enhancing your company’s reputation.
  • Society for Human Resourse Management (SHRM) Reaccredidation Provider: professionals can gain 40 credits, boosting your HR’s strategic impact.
  • Transformation: Our weekend modules don’t just impart knowledge; they transform mindsets, cultivating leaders poised to make visionary decisions.
  • Individualized Learning: We don’t believe in generic. We fine-tune the learning to individual strengths, areas of growth, and desired outcomes to ensure that each student gets what they need.

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Customized Coach Training Cohorts

The Right Fit

One of the biggest challenges aspiring coaches face in choosing the right coach training program is being sure that the curriculum’s focus will be aligned with the type of coaching they wish to offer. Authentic Leadership Advisors Academy was created with this in mind. Rather than delivering the same static content repeatedly, we cover foundational material, followed by facilitated discussion tailored to meet the specific needs of the students enrolled.

Intimate Class Size

ALA Academy limits each cohort to a maximum of eight students in order to ensure that every student receives the time and attention necessary to be transformed in the course of the training. We have a minimum of two fully ICF credentialed faculty, and one or two additional faculty, on staff at all times. Our intentionally small classes and high faculty-to-student ratio are how and why we are able to keep the program so short!

Experiential Learning

We pride ourselves on being anti-PowerPoint! Each session begins with an overview and explanation of that module’s lesson, followed by interactive discussion of real-life scenarios that illustrate the topic. Class consists of a mixture of thought-provoking and fun experiential exercises, as well as in-class practice coaching, designed to solidify an individual and group understanding of the material covered.

Global ICF & SHRM Accredidation

Our Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification (CALC) program is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which provides students with training hours towards obtaining their ICF Level 1 path to ACC or Level 2 path to PCC credential, and provides 40 PDCs for SHRM Continuing Education.

Curriculum Focus Areas

Leadership, Executive, and Corporate Coaching; Individual Development aka Life Coaching; Internal Coaching; Organizational Development, and Talent Management Strategy; Therapists and Consultants wishing to offer Coaching; Solopreneurship, and Authentic Leadership Professional Development.

Flexible Training Options

Since many coaches-in-training have fulltime jobs and otherwise hectic lives, multiple semi-monthly cohorts are offered throughout the year to meet the scheduling needs of the students enrolled. Participants may choose from live in-person (Raleigh, NC, USA and beyond) and virtual training options.

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