About Raleigh Coaching

We All Possess Infinite Potential

Raleigh Coaching is an authentic self development company that offers coaching to a wide variety of individuals who desire more from life. We transform people to embrace creativity and the freedom to confidently choose their own path.

Authenticity is Contagious

Spreading Authenticity

AUTHENTICITY is CONTAGIOUS. We help you OWN the aspects of your IDENTITY that are TRUE to you, versus the labels you may have assumed out of fear or societal pressures.

Authenticity is the journey into the mystery of who we are. Tapping into our intuitive genius. More emphasis is placed on internal validation versus external. Those who take the path of least resistance become who they are told to become, while those who hold their own (confidently) live more satisfying and meaningful lives.

Living authentically starts with trusting your intuition, being genuine and vulnerable. Sharing our weaknesses along with our strengths will bring us all closer together, and make us more comfortable with ourselves and each other.

Spreading authenticity happens when we let others see us as who we are, rather than who our egos convince us to be. Over time, as we learn to let go of the fear of being rejected for our true self, we inspire others to do the same. As a result, authenticity, not conformity, becomes the norm.

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Particles & Waves

Quantum physics suggests that all matter and energy exhibit both wave-like and particle-like properties, and are therefore difficult to distinguish from one another. This is called the particle-wave duality. In laymen’s terms what this means is that a particle cannot be seen unless it is part of a wave, and a wave cannot be seen unless it is comprised of particles, and particles cannot have a definite localized position at all times. Therefore, it is within the space in between that randomness occurs. This randomness is virtually impossible to observe, and is commonly referred to as infinite potential.

Infinite potential is what our logo represents. People are particles riding the wave of life. Synchronicity is the randomness that draws us to each other (or not so random, depending on your beliefs).

If you look at the SYNCHRONISTIC people and events in your life, and TRUST your authentic INTUITION to make your OWN choices, your life PURPOSE will begin to REVEAL itself.

There is no MAGIC time to take charge of your life-direction. Yet we all know time is LIMITED. Book a coaching package with Kathleen or call to design your own TODAY.