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"When what you do for a living goes from being a means to earn an income, to an absolute moral imperative, you have found your life’s calling."

–Kathleen O'Grady

Kathleen O’Grady, MCC, CALC

Founder & CEO

Prior to Kathleen's journey as a professional coach and leadership expert she spent years supporting senior leaders as their executive assistant. Her unique birds-eye view into the many hurdles and pitfalls companies and leaders face on a daily basis inspired her to devote the rest of her career to creating solutions to centuries-old problems.

Kathleen firmly believes that the main cause of the conflict, obstructionism, and drama that derails mission-critical initiatives is the absence of Authentic Leadership.

Since 2008, Kathleen has been a pioneer for leaders who are seeking more meaning and fulfillment in their career, companies seeking to create more desirable and profitable brands, and individuals craving more freedom.

Kathleen has powerfully presented her passion for authentic leadership in keynote speeches, commencement addresses, conference sessions, as well as custom company-sponsored educational or inspirational talks.


  • The Power of Authentic Leadership
  • Transforming Company Cultures
  • Why Coaching Works
  • The Myth of Reality vs. Fearless Creativity
  • Eliminating Ego, Embracing Enchanment

Previous Engagements:

  • Triangle Organizational Network
  • Raleigh/Durham Chapter of the National Black MBA Association
  • North Carolina Project Management Institute
  • Living Arts College Commencement
  • The Art Institute of Raleigh/Durham
  • Southeast Region International Coach federation
  • Raleigh Area Chapter of the International Coach Federation
  • LinkedIn Live – Raleigh
  • Meredith College
  • North Carolina Central University
  • NC State
  • UNC Healthcare
  • SAS

Kathleen O’Grady, MCC, CALC 

CEO | Master Certified Coach | Speaker | Authentic Leadership Expert | Transformational Trouble-Maker

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What is Authenticity is Contagious?

Authentic Leadership Coach, Kathleen O’Grady, talks about choosing your authentic self to live a calmer life, by becoming a more heart-centered person, leader, partner, and friend.

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